Mrs. Suzanne Madrid

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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Suzanne Madrid

I was born in Santa Ana, California and have lived in Cartersville for 17 years now.  

I am married to a wonderful, supportive, and snake fearing man named Roger.  We have three children; Dominique who is 25, engaged to a wonderful young lady, Mattie Frye, and currently working on a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, Isaiah who played on a very well known and loved State Champion high school football team and is on his second year of college, and our baby girl Shari who is a very beautiful junior at Cartersville High School.  

I am a huge animal lover.  I volunteer as a whale spotter when I am home during the summer.  I have also helped to protect logger head nest on Wassaw Island during nesting season down in Savannah.  I have been known to jump in my car and drive up to six hours because of a unique opportunity to be near an animal.  Just this past summer I spent time with my children at Wildlife in Need in Indiana with baby tigers, ligers, wolves, foxes, and bears. 

I believe if you enjoy something throw your whole self into it.  That being said I am the biggest Walking Dead fan EVER!!!!!!  I am the crazy lady that follows the crew during the summer to watch them film. 

I am also Tony Gonzalez’s biggest fan and loved (I mean LOVED!!!!!!!) when he was playing for the best team, my Falcons (we WILL win a ring). 

Needless to say fall is my favorite season.


I was a paraprofessional for GA Pre-K for five years and this is my third year as a lead teacher.  I have also been a Sunday school teacher at both Faith United and Crosspoint here in town.  

Before starting my destination to spend my days with students I spent many years working for State Farm and Pacific Life Insurance Companies.

Teaching is my passion.