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    To register a NEW student, please visit the appropriate school during school office hours or you may call and schedule an appointment. In addition, the parent/guardian enrolling the student will need proof of identification (may include photo I.D. from any source or other proof of identification).  Parent/Legal Guardian AND student must both be present to register. 

    Other documents you should bring along with the completed registration form, when enrolling a new student include:

    1.  Records from previous schools - Withdrawal forms (including IEP if applicable), Discipline & Attendance as well as the school's address.  Withdrawal from any previous school should be accomplished BEFORE enrolling in the Cartersville School System.

    2.  Birth Certificate

    3.  Social Security Card or signed waiver

    4.  Georgia Certificate of Immunization (GA DHR Form 3231)

    5.  Hearing, Vision, and Dental Screen (Georgia DHR Form 3300)

    6. Proof of City Residence*- Cartersville City Schools are open to any eligible student who legally reside within the Cartersville City Limits.  Out-of-district students may apply for enrollment subject to Board Policy.  Prior to enrollment, all schools in the Cartersville School System require that the Parent/legal guardian provide a lease, deed and city utility bill with the parent/legal guardian's name and address (Post Office Box Number is NOT acceptable)  Any parent/legal guardian submitting false proof of City Residence documentation may result in the student(s) being immediately withdrawn from school. 

    County Residents (out-of-district) who meet enrollment criteria (School Board Policy JBCB) and are accepted by the principal of the appropriate school for enrollment must pay tuition in full prior to enrollment as specified by the Cartersville School Board.   

     *If the student qualifies as homeless in accordance with McKinney-Vento Law, the above proof is not required for enrollment but is appreciated.

    7.  Custody Papers if applicable.

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