• Cartersville City Schools provides tiered intervention for students identified with learning weaknesses using the state of of GA MTSS model shown below.  Various screeners and other factors help to identify needs for students.  Interventions are then provided and growth iis measured through progress monitoring in the areas of weakness while interventions are in place.  School level MTSS staff and classroom teachers meet to discuss progress. 

    Our goal is to identify weak areas so students can get appropriate intervention and to close the gaps in student learning for the system.  Students who make progress in this program either continue with the intervention or are removed from the intervention when significant progress has been made.  Students not making significant progress are often referred for evaluation to determine any further needs that the individual student may need to be successful in the classroom and school environment. 


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  • Becky Graves
    Student Support Specialist

    Cartersville Primary School

    Sarah Daniell
    Student Support Specialist

    Cartersville Elementary School

    Brandon McPherson
    Student Support Specialist

    Cartersville Middle School

    Jolynn Miller
    Student Support Specialist

    Cartersville High School

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