Mission & Vision

  • Our Mission

    A Tradition . . .
    In preparing students for the challenges of progress and change
    Through development of the skills necessary to become lifelong learners
    In order that they may live successful and productive lives.

    Our Vision

    A Tradition of Excellence...                                          

                                 Making It Personal!


  • The Tradition Lives . . . and it lives through the Cartersville City Schools. As a high-performing, family-oriented public school system, our mission is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to live successful and productive lives.  The cornerstone of this preparation emphasizes a partnership with the family and community. We believe that the inclusion of all stakeholders - faculty, staff, parents, students, and community - enhances opportunities for success and promotes a trusting and positive environment for each student.  We take our motto, “Making It Personal,” very seriously and it guides our operational approach to education. Cartersville has a longstanding tradition as an excellent school system and it is our desire and intent to continue to provide a quality education for each of our students.  We are a school system, not a system of schools.  Everyone in Cartersville is a Purple Hurricane, and we wear that mantle with pride and responsibility.

    The city school system is comprised of four award-winning, high-achieving schools: Cartersville Primary, Cartersville Elementary, Cartersville Middle, and Cartersville High. Graduates of the Cartersville City Schools testify to the quality of program, the commitment to excellence, and the preparation for their future. This success is reflected in excellent state and national test results, a high graduation rate, and the caliber of the student moving on to post-secondary education or joining the workforce.

    Come, join the tradition!