Mission, Vision & Core Values


    Building Legacies - One Student at a Time


    We inspire all students to build the skills and confidence to find their passions and achieve their goals. 

  • Core Values


  • CCS understands that as a member of the global community we must exhibit compassion as we build relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We celebrate diversity and demonstrate awareness, sensitivity, and respect as we build relationships.


  • CCS involves students, parents, teachers, and the community to support student learning. We firmly believe students will learn best when engaged with the community and when the community is invested in student learning- ensuring that we are all achieving at the highest level.



  • CCS supports every student and creates a learning environment in which all of our diverse learners can achieve their highest potential. We believe that all students have the capability to learn at a high level and we encourage them to find their passions and achieve their goals.


  • CCS believes that engagement is at the core of all student success. We know students learn best when they participate in a student-centered, standards-based curriculum that emphasizes hands-on, project-based learning. Our innovative staff strives to create a dynamic engaging learning environment for all students.


  • CCS staff and students hold the highest expectations for their own achievement and believe in the motivating power of hope combined with unwavering determination. We align curriculum, instruction, and assessments as an accountability tool for continuous learning. We are committed to providing all students with the skills that will ensure their ability to achieve success for career, college, and life.


  • CCS is committed to a vision of shared leadership that is collaborative and courageous. The district is led by a team of highly qualified partners who invite all community stakeholders to contribute to the decision-making process. We look forward to the momentum that occurs when the hopes and dreams of the community fuse with the expertise of caring innovative educators.