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     Cartersville Virtual Academy(CVA)

    In response to the needs of our community, Cartersville City Schools will continue to offer a full-time online option for our K-12 students during the 2023-24 school year. Following a review of the CVA procedures over the last few years, we believe it will be beneficial for our students' growth to institute a few changes in the enrollment and structure of the virtual academy. The biggest changes will happen at the middle school and we are excited that Cartersville Middle School(CMS) will be transitioning new and struggling CVA students to a hybrid learning model.  This model will allow middle school-age students to adapt to online learning while being supported by a teacher both online and in person. CMS CVA students will participate in an online environment on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday using the Edgenuity online platform. On Tuesday and Thursday, CVA students will be required to be present on campus for instruction and support. These in-person learning days will be full academic days, held in one classroom, and regular transportation will be used. If a student has demonstrated previous success in the CVA program, they may complete the program in a completely virtual format. After one semester of successful enrollment, a student and parent may request to only participate in one day of in-person learning. Our K-5 and 9-12 CVA programs will operate unchanged from the previous year.

    An application process will approve student entry into CVA for the 2023-24 school year. The online learning environment can provide a valuable experience for some students; however, it is not conducive to every child's learning needs and styles. Our team will review applications from interested students/families and assess the likelihood that the applicant will be successful in an online learning environment. Student applications will be reviewed in the order they were submitted, and families will be notified of their application status following the review of all submissions.

    Admittance into CVA is based solely on the student's capacity to progress in an online learning model. We will be reviewing students' past attendance records, academic performance, and success in previous online coursework to determine their readiness for this style of learning. All students enrolled in the Cartersville Virtual Academy will have a ten-day observation period. If a student fails to meet the CVA performance and attendance requirements, they will be removed from CVA and enrolled in in-person instruction. Students who do not meet the attendance or academic rigor of our online programs will be required to transition back to in-person learning.

    Students in the Cartersville Virtual Academy will have a normal daily instructional schedule, earn grades, and receive timely teacher feedback in response to class or homework. Teachers experienced in online platforms and virtual instruction will help and support student engagement using a variety of live and pre-recorded standards-based age-appropriate content. Students in grades 6-12 will also have access to subject matter experts/tutors 7 days a week. We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions and other resource links below for your convenience and review.  

    The Cartersville Virtual Academy is not a separate entity or school, but rather an extension of each school site. If you are a second-grade student in the virtual academy you are still a member of the primary school and more importantly, you are still a CANE!

     Additionally, each school will have a fixed maximum number of students enrolled in CVA.

    • Cartersville Primary School- 30 students
    • Cartersville Elementary School- 30 students
    • Cartersville Middle School- 75 students
    • Cartersville High School- 100 students


    Questions? email cva@cartersvilleschools.org  

     *If your student is new to Cartersville City Schools for Fall Semester 2023 and you have not enrolled in our district, please complete the district registration process before submitting the Virtual Learning Registration Form.