• Strategic Goals in Technology

    The school system will provide an effective technology infrastructure that will:

    a. Support a teaching and learning environment in which all participants use technology in a meaningful and effective way to promote student achievement and performance.

    b. Support efficient administrative requirements to better perform the day-to-day operations of the school system.


    Infrastructure, Network and Computing Device Access

    Cartersville School System's fiber optic network infrastructure, wireless system and switching environment delivers high data transfer speeds and provides assurance of future technology expansion with the increase in demand of cloud computing and virtual environments in the classroom. A virtual server data center and network connects each classroom and office in the district. With the wide range of computing devices available to students, we provide an approximate 1 to 1 computer to student ratio. Computing devices (workstations, laptops, or tablets) are accessible in classrooms, labs, mobile carts and media centers.

    Interactive Instruction

    The classrooms of Kids & Company PreK and Cartersville Primary, Elementary, Middle and High Schools are equipped with interactive devices that include projection systems, document cameras and interactive boards/peripherals to provide collaborative and interactive instruction and engagement in the classroom. 

    Technology Support

    The Technology Department of Cartersville School System strives to provide the best service to our staff, teachers and students through expedited district level and school level onsite support. A help ticketing system through Incident IQ allows staff to prioritize support at each location. The Technology Department is always looking for ways to make the learning experience more efficient and enjoyable for the teachers and students.

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