Hospital Homebound

  • Hospital/Homebound (HHB) services are designed to provide continuity of educational services between the classroom, home or hospital for students in Georgia public schools whose medical needs , either physical or psychiatric, do not allow them to attend school for a limited period of time.  HHB instruction may be used to supplement the classroom program for students with health impairments whose conditions may interfere with regular school attendance (e.g., students receiving dialysis or radiation/chemotherapy or students with other serious health conditions).  Students must be enrolled in a public school in Georgia in order to receive HHB services.


    HHB services are not intended to supplant regular school services and are by design temporary.  The student must anticipate being absent from school for a minimum of ten consecutive or intermittent school days due to a medical or psychiatric condition.  The student's inability to attend school for medical or psychiatric reasons must be certified by the licensed physician or licensed psychiatrist who is currently treating the student for the diagnosis presented.


    The state Hospital/Homebound Guidance document can be found on our Quicklinks tab. 


    If you would like to apply for HHB services for your student. please contact the school's student support specialist and they will provide you with an application packet and further guidance.  



    Dr. Susan R. Tolbert

    Director of Exceptional Services

    (770) 387-4728

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