• Blackboard Mass Notifications  

    The Cartersville School District has a valuable tool to communicate with parents and staff at a moments notice. Blackboard Mass Notifications gives the district the capability to send voice, text, and email messages within minutes to telephones or any Internet-enabled device, including mobile phones and computers.


Frequently Asked Questions about Blackboard Mass Notifications

  • How will Blackboard Mass Notifications be used?

  • Do I need to register or sign-up to receive automated messages?

  • How do I opt out of text messages?

  • How can I opt back in to text messages?

  • How will parents/guardians receive notifications?

  • How will I know that I have received an attendance message?

  • What if the line is busy or there is no answer?

  • How does the Blackboard system know the difference between a live person and an answering machine?

  • Why do I only receive half or part of the message on my answering system?

  • My Caller ID shows the school or district called but there is no message. Why?