• How are school social workers and counselors different?
    School social workers are assigned to and visit several schools. They are the liaison between school, home, and the community. School counselors work with students primarily in the school setting on topics such as academic progress, character education, bully prevention, etc.

    Are school social workers affiliated with the Department of Family and Children Services?

    No, School Social Workers are employees of the Cartersville City School System. However, they do work closely with the Department of Family and Children Services when circumstances arise due to child abuse or neglect.

    What do home visits accomplish?
    Home visits allow the school social worker to personally contact parent/guardian regarding pertinent information about the student. This enables the school to demonstrate their commitment to communicating with families.

    Do you ever take a policeman/campus police officer with you when you're going on a home visit? There are times when a situation occurs where the school social worker feels it is necessary to have this additional safety measure included in the home visit. However, most home visits do not include this additional step.

    Do most school social workers help with financial need?
    Yes. School Social Workers frequently make referrals to families concerning available community resources.

    What does a school social worker do and what is your main responsibility?
    School social workers' main responsibilities are to provide help to students who are having difficulties in school due to attendance, economic, health, emotional, and/or family problems. These difficulties may include behavior problems, academic failure, underachievement, and substance abuse.

    The school social worker also enforces Georgia Compulsory School Attendance Law. School social workers must make referrals to Juvenile or State Court when violations occur.

    School social workers provide the following services: crisis intervention, referrals to community agencies, counseling, groups, participation in the student support team process, program development, home visits, and involvement with community agencies and boards.

    The social worker also provides services to families displaced from their home under certain circumstances.

    Can the school or School Social Worker take a child out of the home?

    Can the School Social Worker put a child in youth development center or boot camp?
    No. This is an action initiated by the court system.

    What constitutes an excused absence or tardy from school?
    Personal illness
    A death or serious illness in the immediate family
    Recognized religious holidays observed by the faith of the student
    Absences mandated by order of governmental agencies
    Conditions which render school attendance impossible or hazardous to health or safety

    What constitutes an appropriate school social work referral?
    School social workers routinely receive referrals for abuse or neglect, academics difficulties, attendance, economic aid, family issues, out of district, school discipline, special education, and health issues, etc.