• Cartersville 6-12 Virtual Academy FAQscva

    What is the 6-12 Cartersville Virtual Academy Option? 

    The 6-12 Virtual Academy is a fully online alternative for Cartersville students. This option is not a separate entity or school but rather an extension of each school site. If you are an eighth-grade student in the virtual academy you are still a member of the middle school and more important you are still a CANE! Participating students will engage in remote instruction that mirrors the classroom experience to a certain degree.  The 6-12 Virtual Academy option will require students to be engaged in learning for the entirety of the school day. Cartersville teachers will meet virtually with individual students and small groups of students at the appointed time (synchronous learning). Teachers will also post assignments for students to complete independently (asynchronous learning). These assignments will support high-quality instruction by addressing essential skills, knowledge, and content mastery.

    What is the parent's role?

    The parent's role is critical to the success of the learning experience for 6-12 students. We strongly recommend that a parent or another responsible adult be available to help facilitate the virtual academy student. Our virtual academy teachers will guide parents in providing an age, and an ability-appropriate level of assistance and supervision to the student. During the early weeks of the school year, students may need more support to get organized and establish successful routines. As the year progresses and learners become more capable of self-management and self-direction, parental involvement may be lessened depending on the individual needs of the student.

    Students are expected to perform their school work independently. However, a parent/legal guardian or designated representative must still monitor progress and ensure that the student completes the required coursework. This adult is also expected to be available for teacher conferences. While students may not need adult supervision during the school day, they must still be in a safe and secure environment.

    Parents must work with online teachers to

    • Check on student progress daily, especially at the beginning of their virtual school experience.
    • Help your students map out their work/goals for the day or week and do periodic check-ins with them throughout the day/week to make sure they are on target to meet their goals.
    • Allow the student to direct the learning as much as possible; be mindful of the learning goals but keep the student in the driver's seat.
    • Refrain from providing help and guidance with assessments, allowing the teacher to accurately ascertain what has been learned and what skills or knowledge need to be revisited.
    • Become familiar with and support the child in using district platforms/software.
    • Support the child in making connections and building relationships with peers and teachers. Monitor class meetings, small group sessions, and 1:1 conferences.
    • Partner and routinely communicate with teachers, collaborating on how best to meet the student’s needs.

    Do we need to sign up for the entire school year?

    Yes. CVA 6-12 placements are for the entire school year. The schedule will be similar to the traditional year-long schedules at CMS & CHS. Students will not have the option to return to in-person instruction until the following school year.

    What will the virtual option learning schedule look like?

    A daily time commitment, Monday through Friday, will be expected for all students. Schedules may vary, depending on the school, the grade level, and/or the teacher; however, all students will be expected to engage in learning for approximately 3-5 hours each day. Students will have Cartersville teachers assigned to all of their virtual classes. Instructional time will be provided for the four core content areas of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies as well as a variety of electives. Most courses available in our middle school and high school will be available to all CVA students. Students must enroll in a minimum of six courses per year.  Virtual content delivery definitions:

    Synchronous - Teacher, and student(s) meet digitally for instruction and feedback at an assigned time. The synchronous window means your child’s teacher MAY schedule a virtual meeting with your child during this time frame. In all cases, teachers will provide a schedule for specific times.

    Asynchronous - Students work through content already posted by the teacher. They will work through content at their own pace.

    Grades 6-8 CVA Course Catalog

    Grades 9-12 CVA Course Catalog


    What if my student has questions about course content that I can’t answer?

    Students will have access to their CVA course teacher and also content experts/tutors 7 days a week. Schedules will be posted on course websites.

    What about clubs & sports?

    CVA students are members of the Cartersville Schools Community and have access to all the resources and opportunities that traditional students have access to.

    If my student becomes sick, should I sign him/her up for the elementary virtual option?

    No. Whether participating in a virtual learning option or the on-site classroom, students who become sick will be able to receive and complete any missed assignments without penalty, therefore there is no need to change their learning environment

    Will services such as Early Intervention Program (EIP), Gifted, ESOL, and Special Education services be provided through the CVA?

    Yes. The district will make every effort to provide EIP, Gifted, ESOL, 504, and Special Education services. Your child’s IEP team or 504 team will meet to review and identify individual services and supports that will be necessary to meet your child’s unique needs. However, the delivery models may be adjusted to accommodate the virtual learning environment. In some cases, students may be required to meet with special services providers at one of our buildings to receive services. Students who are currently served on an IEP will be contacted to participate in an IEP amendment meeting to discuss any needed updates to your child's individualized educational plan regarding online learning.  

    Is there a cost to participate in CVA?

    There is no fee to attend CVA. However, families are responsible for supplying regular school supplies.

    Do students receive grades and report cards?

    Yes. Grading and reporting will be the same as our traditional on-site schools. Teachers will regularly communicate with parents regarding student progress.