Hill-Dean HEARTS Award

  • What is the Matthew Hill - Michael Dean HEARTS Award?

    The monthly Hill - Dean HEARTS (Honoring Employees Achievements, Reliability, Talents, and Successes) program recognizes outstanding service of Cartersville City School Employees. Award winners are identified and publicly acknowledged by the Board of Education, the Superintendent, and colleagues. The nomination process provides a systematic method for identifying these individuals and ensuring that they receive appropriate recognition for their efforts on behalf of Cartersville City School students.  In Fall 2013, the award was renamed from HEARTS to the Matthew Hill - Michael Dean HEARTS award, after two true gentlemen who served on the Cartersville School Board and are great examples of what it means to have a HEART for the Cartersville School System.

    Who may be Nominated?

    Any staff member in the Cartersville School System is eligible for nomination. Each month is designated for a certain classification of employee and only nominations are accepted for that category.

    Who may Nominate?

    Employees or employee organizations, volunteers, parents, students or members of the Cartersville City community may nominate an individual for the award. Nominations from any group or individual are limited to one per month.

    How to Nominate?

    During the time between opening and closing dates for nominations, the completed nomination form and any supporting documentation must be submitted to Cheree Dye, Director of Community Relations. The nomination form can be submitted via email or completed online. Criteria for nominations should include, but are not limited to: high job performance; personal impact within the immediate job surroundings; personal impact on the district; positive professional relationship with other staff members, students, parents, or the public; self-improvement; involvement with community activities promoting cultural, economic, or social qualities of life activities, and accomplishments that brought distinction to the employee and to the district.


    HEARTS Award recipients are honored publicly at monthly Board of Education meetings. All HEARTS recipients will be announced on the Tuesday of the month following the Board Meeting recognition via email and on the web site. The award winner of each month will receive a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Names of Hill - Dean HEARTS Award winners are added to a plaque that is perpetually displayed at the Cartersville School Board Office.