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  • Welcome to the Cartersville City School System Department of Special Program's gifted page. We are excited to provide information on our program, staff, and the accomplishments of our students. On this page you will find information in regard to our gifted program that is affiliated with the Department of Special Programs. Detailed information is provided on each program area, which includes the mission, gifted philosophy, program goals, program description and our procedures for identifying our student population.  It is our intent to continually update this site with current information such as frequently asked questions, best practice strategies, homework techniques for parents, and most importantly the success of our students. If you can't find the answer to your question or would like more information on our programs, please contact us by telephone or via email. We welcome the input of parents, students, teachers, and the community. By working together as one, our children will become life long learners.

    Mission Statement

    Cartersville City Schools will lead in preparing students for the challenges of progress and change through development of the skill necessary to become lifelong learners in order that they may live successful and productive lives. 

    Gifted Philosophy

    The philosophy of the Cartersville School System gifted program is to meet the educational  needs of gifted learners based on each student's unique abilities.  We believe that all students can learn and should be provided opportunities for learning at the most appropriate level.  The extension of learning opportunities, the development of individual potential, enhancement of the student's self-concept and advancement toward becoming an independent learner beyond the rigor of the general education classroom is a fundamental right for all students.  Collaboration is encouraged between all stakeholders to ensure that differentiation is made for all resources and instructional methods that will allow the gifted child to reach his/her full potential.

    Program Goals

    • To provide an environment that will cultivate and encourage intellectual and creative abilities.
    • To develop appropriate gifted education services based on differentiated instruction.
    • To develop emergent, self-reliant learners who fully develop the skills of analytical thinking, critical thinking and creativity and learners who can apply these skills to all areas of life.
    • To provide opportunities for students to work cooperatively with their intellectual peers as well as their chronological peers.

    Program Description

    The Cartersville City School System gifted program is a system-wide program in grades 1-12.  A differentiated curriculum is used to meet the needs and challenges of theses students.  Interdisciplinary units and differentiated instructional strategies are used to teach or enhance skills in research , higher levels of thinking, enhance creative and productive thinking, and extend the academic base of knowledge.  All gifted teachers possess the gifted endorsed certification and are experienced teachers with a wealth of teaching strategies that provide a rigorous and challenging curriculum for all gifted students.  Students are offered many opportunities to participate in learning activities with peers who have similar capabilities and interests.  The gifted curricula is based on the following learning objectives:

    • Research Skills:  Develops advanced research skills and methods, which include in-depth, self-selected topics within an area of study.
    • Cognitive Skills:  Develops and practices creative thinking and creative problem solving skills within a variety of complex topics.
    • Learning Skills:  Develops and practices critical thinking and logical problem solving skills in academic areas.
    • Communication Skills:  Develops advanced communication skills via new techniques, materials and formats (written, oral or visual) in products and through presentations shared with an audience.
    • Affective Skills:  Develops an understanding of self and how their unique characteristics may influence interactions with others.  

     Elementary School Gifted Model

    Students are served in the primary grades (1-5) through the Gifted Resource model.  Students attend a gifted resource class for minimum of five segments per week.  Students are grouped by grade level and exposed to a differentiated curriculum that addresses each student's skill/creative level.

     Middle School Gifted Model

    All students in grades (6-8) participate in Advanced Content classes in the areas Mathematics, English/Language arts, Social Studies and Science five days per week.  Recognizing that students have individual strengths and weaknesses in specific content areas, a team of educators at the school reviews each student's performance based on teacher recommendation, grade point average, standardizes assessments and screeners and CRCT results. 

    High School Gifted Model

    Gifted students in grades (9-12) may be served through Advance Content, Cluster Grouping, Collaborative Teaching, and/or Post Secondary Options.

    Current High School Gifted Course Offerings- Subject to Change

    • English:  Honors Ninth and Tenth Grade Literature and Composition, AP English Literature Composition
    • Math:  Accelerated CCGPS Coordinate Algebra/Geometry A, Accelerated CCGPS Analytic Geometry B/Advanced Algebra, Accelerated Math III, AP Statistics, AP Calculus
    • Science:  Honors Biology, AP Biology, AP Chemistry
    • Social Studies: Honors Govt., AP Govt., Honors World History, AP World History, Honors US History, AP US History, Honors Economics, AP Microeconomics, AP Psychology


    For more detailed gifted information please refer to our gifted links, additional resources and our manual.

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    Audra Saunders - Chief Academic Officer

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