February - Perseverance

Congratulations to the following students who represent the word:  Perseverance.  Their teachers believe they demonstrate the ability to keep trying even when something is difficult.  Keep up the good work! Picture  from Left to Right:  Front Row:  Sam E. (Andrews/Wise), Benjamin B. (Erickson/Sanford), River C.(Evans/Linley), Johan M. (Madrid/Lyons), and Jason B. (Ylvisaker/Godwin/Munoz)  Back Row:  Kalyssa M.  (Andrews/Wise), Jaezlyn W. (Erickson/Sanford), Nazariyah B. (Evans/Linley), Keniya T.  (Madrid/Lyons), Batey H. (Wilson/Chancey), Mackenzie W. (Wilson/Chancey), and Selena V.  (Ylvisaker/Godwin/Munoz)