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picture of Leslie Nix and Family

Congratulations! Leslie Nix



Ms. Leslie Nix is the Cartersville High School Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Nix is a wonderful teacher. As we all know, teachers must wear many hats each day to help their students be successful. Teachers are required to be content experts while playing the role of a counselor and while often serving as a parental figure. Mrs. Nix is the best at balancing all of these roles. Not only do her students receive a quality education, but they are also welcomed to a nurturing environment when they enter her classroom where their social and emotional needs are met, and most importantly, her students enter a classroom where they know they are loved. Mrs. Nix also supports her students outside of the classroom by attending extra-curricular events and by supporting them on the field of play or on the stage when performing in our Fine Arts programs. We are fortunate to have Mrs. Nix as a teacher at Cartersville High School. She truly lives by Cartersville's “Our Heart Is In It” motto.