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Updated CHS Transcript Request Procedures

Canes Transcript Request
CHS Graduates (Class of 2019 and prior): Please email to request your transcript. 
CHS Current Students in Grades 9-11: If you need a transcript for dual enrollment, a summer program, or something else, please email your request to
Class of 2020 procedure for requesting final transcripts:
Please submit all final transcript requests here:
We ask that you make ALL final transcript requests on this form. Please do not email any final transcript requests. 
What happens after you get my request?
Please note that, though your classes ended May 1, final grades will not be posted to transcripts until after the official last day of school, May 22. We have to give teachers a chance to finalize grades, and then counselors will check to make sure that transcripts are correct, including GPA calculations, before we start sending them to colleges. This process takes a few days and will occur during the last week of May. 
What happens after you send my transcript?
After we have verified that transcripts are accurate, we will send transcripts to colleges via USPS mail. It generally takes 2-3 days for mail to get from our mailbox at CHS to the mailbox of the college. From there, the college admissions office has to open mail, review transcripts, and mark them as "processed" or "received" in your account. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Until they do this, you are likely to receive reminders from them. If you have submitted your transcript request to us on the form, you can disregard these reminders, and do not let them scare you. Keep in mind that, during the first week or two of June, colleges are receiving hundreds or possibly thousands of documents in the mail. It will take some time for them to process everything. 
When should I start to worry?
If your transcript has not been marked "processed" or "received" in your college account by around the middle of June, and you are still getting reminders, then the best course of action is to call the admissions office at your college and ask them if they have received your transcript. If they say that they have not, then contact Mrs. Nelson at Please don't make a second request until you have contacted your college's admissions office. 

Do Not Use the Link Below Until Further Notice
To request a transcript, select the link below.  It is also posted on the counseling web page.