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Teachers of the Year

Cartersville Middle School selected Mrs. Sara Bright. She also holds the distinction of being selected as the Cartersville City Schools District Teacher of the Year. She believes relationships are the most significant motivator of students. Mrs. Bright said, “When students know I care about them and I try my best to relate to the realities of their lives, we begin to build a relationship of trust.”

 Cartersville Primary School selected Mrs. Leighanne Young. Mrs. Young believes teaching students courage is an invaluable lesson. She said, "Let's teach our kids to be fearlessly authentic, to be fearless in times met with ambiguity, to be brave in all they do, brave when they meet new people and fearless when they fail."

Cartersville Elementary School chose Mrs. Shannon Suarez. Regarding her rapport with students, her principal wrote, “Her caring and concern for her students extends beyond the classroom to embrace the students' needs for encouragement and trust, so they can achieve their best.”

Cartersville High School named Dr. Kim Foster. She feels the role of a classroom teacher offers many opportunities to influence students’ lives. Dr. Foster said, “We have a great responsibility and ability to impact children every day when they step into our classrooms. Every interaction, every word spoken, every lesson designed, and every unit developed must be intentionally created with our students in mind.”