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Purposity - Your Tool For Good

Would you help if a student in your child’s class needed shoes or a family lost their home in a fire? We think so. Cartersville City and Bartow County schools are partnering with Purposity to allow you to quickly and easily lend a hand to someone in need, right from your phone.

By simply signing up on Purposity’s website, you’ll receive one text message a week detailing a specific need. You decide if you want to meet the need. If so, you purchase the item with just a few clicks, it is sent directly to us and placed in the hands of our students quickly.

Additionally, this new tool also lets the community know about the powerful work we’re doing and tells the stories of the children we serve at Cartersville City and Bartow County schools while giving our supporters another opportunity to quickly get involved in lending a hand to someone near them.

To be a part of the Purposity movement, go to and sign up to be a force for good in our community. Make sure you enter Cartersville City/Bartow County in the location.