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Cartersville City Schools has recently implemented the use of a learning management system called SCHOOLOGY.  This will be used in grades Pre-k through 12.  At our grade level, we will teach you how to log in as your child.  In a few years, as your child grows more independent, students will be responsible for managing the SCHOOLOGY platform on their own.  At that point, you will be given a parent access code to “oversee” items within SCHOOLOGY but not have actual access to class discussions and other students within your child’s classroom. 

To ease teachers, parents, and students into successfully utilizing this tool, we have set the following goals as a system and then even more specifically as a school. 

  • Create a media album for class pictures
  • Create a media album for each student
  • Create a folder for class newsletters
  • Create a folder for class resources
  • Create lessons for digital learning days in order to make-up time for loss instruction due to inclement weather

There are two different ways to login to SCHOOLOGY as your child:

Go to or download the Schoology App.  Use your child’s student # as their username and their 8 digit birthdate – MMDDYYYY with no slashes or dashes – as the password.   This will only work if you are logging in under Cartersville City School District.

The other way to login is by using a unique QR code issued to your child. It is important to know that QR codes only work when logging through not via the Cartersville City School District.