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Cartersville Elementary, a Visionary Public School

Alana Speaking Spanish
Alana Speaking Spanish

Alana, one of our students speaking Spanish!


Classes begin January 22 - April 24 from 2:50 p.m. - 3:50 p.m.!

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Cartersville Elementary, a visionary public school, to be the first in Bartow county to give their students an opportunity to learn Spanish after school!

Learn a Second Language Today. . . Lead Tomorrow

Cartersville Elementary School is excited to be partnering with OLA Language School to offer after-school Spanish immersion classes. 

OLA Language School utilizes an Organic Language Acquisition (OLA) or natural approach for language learning and fosters the idea that everyone can learn to speak a second language in a positive, fun, and risk-free learning environment.

Here at OLALS, we believe that all Elementary School children should have an opportunity to learn a second language. For every after-school Spanish class that opens, OLA Language School is making the commitment to grant a one-time scholarship to help more kids jump on and join the Bilingual Bandwagon!

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