• Why Kids & Company?

    • Each class is led by Certified Early Childhood teachers with full-time assistants
    • Learning centers to meet the developmental needs of each child
    • Computerized instruction to support learning
    • Equipped playground area with tricycle path
    • Benchmark Education's Ready to Advance Curriculum
    • Field trips to enhance student learning
    • After School Program


    The Kids and Company Pre-Kindergarten program is based on the philosophy that parents are the child’s first and most important teachers. We believe children learn best in a classroom that provides age-appropriate educational activities and reflects their cultural individualities. We believe children can reach their fullest potential when both home and school work together toward common goals.


    • To foster a nurturing relationship between children and their caregivers.
    • To facilitate connections among families and schools.
    • To provide information and support to families.
    • To recognize that each child and family is unique and wonderful.
    • To teach children to value, accept, and understand other cultures.
    • To increase caregivers’ knowledge of age-appropriate parenting skills.

    Bright from the Start

    Kids & Company Pre-K participates in the Bright from the Start program. For more information, click below.