• Parents/Guardians:

    Coach Hynes and CES are excited to offer our sport stacking club again this school year. This club is open to any students in 4th and 5th grade that are interested in being part of the fun!

    This is an afterschool activity that will meet from 2:40 to 3:45 in Coach Hynes’ gym.

    Due to the large number of participants, 4th grade will meet on Mondays and 5th grade on Wednesdays. Students in the club must have their own set of sport stacking cups and timing mat that can be purchased through the school group order. Information about the group order will be sent home during club meetings. Coach Hynes has cups that can be used at practice until the group order comes in.

    This is an afterschool activity and no transportation will be provided. Students must be picked up no later than 3:45 in the car rider area. ASP students will be taken by an adult for sign-in . Please fill out the online permission form by August 25th so we can get a count of participants.

    Online Permission Form

    I am very excited and can’t wait to start our sport stacking club this year! A schedule of dates is posted below.


    Sean Hynes



    Sport Stacking Schedule

    4th Grade

    5th Grade

    August 28th 

    August 30th  

     September 4th

    (No School) 

     September 6th  

    September 11th 

    September 13th  

    September 18th 

    September 20th  

    September 25th 

    September 27th  

    October 2nd 

    October 4th   

    October 16th 

    October 18th  

    Cartersville Elementary School will be hosting our first Sport Stacking Competition on October 21st in the multi-purpose room at the Middle School. There will be more information sent home for any student interested in participating in the competition. A second set of club dates will be sent home after the competition on October 21st.