Closing schools, scheduling delays or implementing early release schedules are major decisions that sometimes have to be made. We take this decision very seriously and the safety of our students and staff are the first concerns. The standard protocol for making such decisions includes checking forecasts, attending weather briefings with emergency management personnel, evaluating driving conditions, communicating with police/sheriff department personnel, and appropriate city department personnel. We also often consult with superintendents and leadership from area school systems before making final decisions. Overall weather conditions, ground and air temperatures, and wind chill factors are also taken into consideration as well as concern for our student drivers.

     Unfortunately, in our part of the country, it is often hard to predict what the weather will do. It is not an exact science. Meteorologists study weather patterns, history and data for days leading up to a potential event and often don’t get it right. Delayed openings sometimes provide us an opportunity to re-evaluate conditions at daylight when the threat of black ice may exist. Early release schedules allow us a better chance to get all our students home safely before an anticipated storm arrives. When pressed to make a final decision all factors are taken into consideration, but safety will be our priority.

    Each school district has its own unique set of challenges in these situations. It is unrealistic to assume that everyone will make the same call. We do share information and work together, but our roads, bridges, overpasses and traffic patterns aren’t the same as everyone else.

    We will post information on social media and on the system website as soon as possible so parents can make decisions. We will also utilize our phone messaging system to make automated calls, emails and texts.

    We encourage everyone to have a plan BEFORE an event happens that might cause us to close schools, have a delayed start, or an early dismissal. Every family’s situation is unique to their own needs. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding when we must deal with this inclement weather events.

    Please also keep your contact information up to date at your child’s school.