Each semester, CMS teachers and administrators are asked to select a Hurricane Hero. This recognition is unique because recipients do not have to meet specific criteria to be selected. Someone has chosen your child because he/she recognizes and appreciates the positive impact that your son or daughter has on our school. The CMS teachers and administrators would like to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s life.

  • Congratulations to our Fall 2018 Hurricane Heroes:

    6th grade 7th grade 8th grade
    Collier, Meredith Aleman, Randel Ahmadani, Havana
    Earwood, Violet Betancourt, Betzabeth Baulding, Trinity
    Franklin, Noah Bunce, Ginger Boone, Anna Grace
    Hampton, Alexandria Busek, Jillian Brooky, Madelyn
    Holt, Ellie Cain, DJ Carrilo, Silvano Chacaj
    Kinchen, Khimari Daniel, Caleb Christ, Marguerite
    Lin, Ivy Eaton, Caitlyn Cooper, Ethan
    Marshall, Nakayla Flores, Jennifer Cruz, Arely
    Otero, Tommy Garcia, Grace Frazier, Maddie
    Parker, Luke Hood, Antwon Gamble, Paul
    Schiltz, Hannah Lando, Khristian Gardner, Anthony
    Tang, Khoa Mahatoo, Kimmora Johnson-Mitchell, Khloe
    Tucker, Claire Nicklas, Maci Krause, Sarah
    Wallace, Shaun O'Brien, Augie Meyers, Isaiah
    Wehunt, Marlee Ochoa, Vanessa Morales, Anthony
      Smith, Devont'e Neal, Cordarius
      Smith, Garnet Phalam, Serina
      Thornton, Emma Pritchett, Sonny-Cate
      Vaquero, Ayden Rogers, Campbell
      Zhang, Michelle Rojas, Esmeralda
        Roth, Audrey
        Saurez, Tatiana
        Simmons, Margaret
        Tate, Damieson Keith
        Thomas, Bryan
        Westbrook, Kaylee
        Zavala, Diego Olalde